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Dr. Julie Hayes graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000. Raised in Georgia, she's lived in Colorado since 2001 and has been at Parker Animal Hospital since 2004. She's an avid sports fan, loves cross-stitching, and has six dogs: Doogie (Border Terrier), Fargo (chihuahua), Bailey (australian shepherd mix), Zuzu (golden retriever), Topher (Puggle, pug-beagle), and Jelly (Vizla-mix).  Recently married, she and her husband enjoy working on their home and exploring Colorado together.

Dr. Joanne Bigbee is a 2006 graduate of the Michigan State University of Veterinary Medicine.  She moved to Colorado shortly thereafter with her husband. She has two dogs (Betty and Satchel) and a cat named Marge. An avid fitness enthusiast, she has recently started amateur boxing. If you see bruises on her face, this is why.  




Christie is a graduate of Bel-Rea as well and just started with our practice in early 2015. She's known Dr. Hayes for over a decade, having worked with her at another hospital.  She has a young son, two dogs (Ludo and Posey), one cat (Grendel), and two rats.

Jamie, also a graduate of Bel-Rea, joined our practice in early 2015. She loves to explore Colorado and enjoys concerts with her wife, Maddie.  She also has three dogs and two cats.   

Shanda is a recent addition to our practice but has been a veterinary technician for over 15 years.  She lives with her husband, three rambunctious boys, a dog, and two cats.    

Deb is a graduate of Bel-Rea Veterinary Technical School and has been with the practice since 2003.   In her spare time, she loves to show her Chows at regional dog shows.


Linda has been a mainstay with us at the clinic for over 20 years.  An avid gardener, she's responsible for all the beautiful plants you see in our practice.  

Dana has been with us for over 20 years as well.  Originally a graduate of Bel Rea, she worked as a technician with us primarily on Saturdays. In the past year she has shifted responsibilities to the front office and now primarily works in reception.

Derna has been with us for 10 years but has recently cut back on her schedule. An avid motorcycle enthusiast, she can be found most weekends touring Colorado.