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Veterinary Resources

Parker Animal Hospital is aware of the vast amount of information available on the internet.  Our team has taken the time and evaluated the following sites.  Some of these places we have used personally and recommend.  There are recommendations below for emergency clinics, boarding facilities, and information on traveling with your pet.

Animal Emergency And Specialty Center (where we refer for emergencies and most specialists) 

Denver Dumb Friends League  (many of our clients and staff adopt pets from here)

All-Breed Rescue Network (for those wanting to adopt a certain breed of dog)

Hill's Prescription Diets (more info for clients on this line of prescription diets that we carry)

Purina Veterinary Diets (more info as we also carry many of these diets as well) 

Urban Wildlife Rescue (for removal of a wild animal or to help an injured one)

VCA Alameda East (Emergency Clinic/exotic animals in Aurora) 

Have A Bird Or A Snake? We don't treat those type of exotic patients, but the fine folks at Homestead Animal Hospital do. 

Are You Taking Your Pet On A Plane?

 Make sure you have contacted the airline to know what you'll need to have when you and your pet arrive at the airport. You will generally always need a health certificate (which involves bringing in your pet and having one of our veterinarians do an exam and fill out the proper certification). 

Are You Moving Overseas Or Even To Hawaii?

Every country has their own requirements for the import of an animal. Hawaii has a special procedure as well. We recommend that you check out the USDA site here to make sure you know exactly what forms, tests, and permits you may need.   

 If traveling internationally with your pet is simply too overwhelming (trust us, it's a very complicated process for most countries), you can enlist the help of the pet transport services offered by Come Sit Stay. He has helped many of our clients who don't simply have the time or energy to go through this process.

Local Boarding/Daycare Facilities Our Clients Like 

Come Sit Stay 

Club Pet

City Bark

Camp BowWow