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We have three spacious and comfortable exam rooms.We do comprehensive annual physical exams where we also give any routine vaccinations that are needed, as well as discussing any additional testing. 

Recommended Vaccines

For dogs, we have 3 year rabies and distemper/parvo vaccines. We also recommend an annual Leptospirosis vaccine.  A one-year Bordetella vaccine is also available for dogs who need it. We also carry the bivalent canine influenza vaccine for those that may need it.

For cats, we use 3-year vaccines for rabies and FVRCP. The Leukemia vaccine is recommended for outdoor cats.

Heartworm Prevention

We do recommend seasonal heartworm testing and prevention. For us, that season is between May and October.  Annual testing is required. For those that think that Heartworm disease isn't a risk here, know that we see at least one positive case a year. Many folks are moving in from out of town and bringing their dogs with them that may also bring the disease.

Annual Wellness Exam

The annual physical exam is an ideal way to catch problems as early as possible. The most common things we diagnose and discuss during these exams include dental disease, obesity, and skin disorders.

However, we also see our patients when they're sick or injured. We can treat anything from a torn toenail to congestive heart failure. On occasion, when we feel that your pet needs more intensive or specialized care, we may refer you to a local veterinary specialist or the Animal Emergency and Specialty Center.

We have an in-house laboratory that allows us to perform tests such as blood chemistries, fecal analysis, and microscopic examination of lumps. We also routinely send out a large variety of tests to our outside laboratory service twice daily. Most results are back within 24 hours.

We carry prescription pet diets, such as Hill's and the Purina Veterinary Diets, as well as diets for all life stages. We also carry a variety of nutritional and wellness supplements.

We have a modern digital xray system that allows us to easily share xrays with our clients as well as any specialists easily via email. Most xrays can be taken and analyzed in as quickly as 5-10 minutes. We will on occasion recommend ultrasounds for our patients. When that happens, we generally refer our clients to a board-certified veterinary radiologist for an expert opinion.

Surgery Options

We perform a wide variety of surgeries Monday-Friday. We do many routine surgeries (such as spays and neuters), but we also commonly do more advanced operations on animals such as bladder stone removal, lump removals, and exploratory/foreign body operations.

For orthopedic surgeries, we offer ACL repairs and patella luxation surgeries.  For these procedures, we bring in Dr. Preston Stubbs of Mile High Veterinary Surgical Services.  Dr. Stubbs is a board-certified surgeon with over 25 years of surgical experience. He does the surgery at our facility and we handle all the aftercare.

Find Us!!

We are located approximately a quarter-mile south of Lincoln on Parker Road on the west side of the road. We are located just south of Parker Feed, and we share a driveway with the car wash. For a detailed map, check the Contact Us page.